Big White Circle

by The Sudden Lovelys

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released August 26, 2011



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The Sudden Lovelys

The Sudden Lovelys, from Nordeast Minneapolis, describe their unique and earnest sound as "Aggressive Folk." Daniel writes and plays guitar, sings, and kicks a vintage red suitcase like a bass drum. Paige also sings, slaps a cymbal with a tambourine, and plays a slew of funky hand percussion. There is a humble passion and honesty in their live show that cannot be denied. ... more

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Track Name: Venom
i’m knee deep in venom i am i’m lying to you baby i’m neck deep in venom she’s dancing in the water sliding like a snake with the poison in her veins and the devil on her face and the more i spy the less i lie she’s creepin’ up closer makin’ her way i’m still as a statue and i’m factually prey but she don’t mind she’ll take her time and in her mind it’s over it’s the end of me but what she don’t know is gonna steal her fate cause i got the outlaw callin’ me i’m an outlaw baby you don’t know what you walked into my blood is cold and i’m hungry too i’ll chew you up and i’ll force you through that little maze that you thought you knew
Track Name: Moon Beggar
join me in the desert share with me my home i’ll let you breathe the sand there that burns into my lungs it’s a long way to the center i’m right here on my own digging there for water begging for the moon i beg for the moon when you saw me in the garden with my best face on sun was kissing days but them god damn nights were long when a fire lit the yard the circle’s not so strong laughter like a blanket protector from the dawn i had nothing but hills to climb then i found something worth more that big white circle that lights the sky shining like a diamond in the dark i know i’ve been a zombie it’s a dog gone crippled curse cause the horses are such forces when the wagon wheels won’t work i’ve been running from the doctor cause he only makes me sick but being under weather seems to help me with my fix if i ever get there the first thing i’m
gonna do is pick up this guitar and write a single just for you and then we’ll maybe make a son or daughter maybe make a couple more i think i won’t rethink the things that link me to the floor
Track Name: Sunlight On The Road
hey little girl do you wanna go across the country in a caravan of golden tones how ‘bout that sunlight all over the road it might sound stupid under what you’re told but leaving right now’s better than staying alone because the sunlight is all over the road i need you and i see you i know you better than you do and i want it too often i’m getting close enough to move so pack your favorite shoes your boots and all of your clothes i’ll bring the guitar and the leonard cohen cause it sounds like sunlight on the road this mister needs a mystery cause i’m growing cold and misses please dismiss the part on staying alone because the sunlight it’s calling us both
Track Name: Dirty Rotten Apple
i grew up in the city till right around 14 then i was shipped like a box to the country and it made me hate the peace god damn i miss the city and everything i call home this pistol kissing state of mind is gonna kill me if i don't there ain’t no pleasing me cause everything that i see i don’t believe there ain’t no pleasing me a dirty rotten apple falling from a tree there ain’t no pleasing me i believe so i went back to the city it’s a hustle and a bustle show there’s a million racing hearts alone and they’re just dying for a pot of gold god damn i miss the country and the peace i learned to love my thoughts won’t think and i thought it over and i’d like to think i’m on the run well my solution’s really simple but it'll take a little bit of time i'll clone myself and i’ll live in both and just bitch about the sunshine if i fail as a scientist and if my face won’t smile without it i’ll try to make my story make me semi-rich and i’ll buy myself two houses
Track Name: Waxwing Birds
girl do you know where you wanna go cause i don’t know but i know that i wanna go with the girl that sings like medicine give me back my medicine boy do you know where you wanna go cause i don’t know but i know that i wanna go with the boy that makes my mind spin make my mind spin some say sit and some say try some say quit and some say die let’s just fly directionlessly alive some can’t move and some don’t know someone does someone don’t let’s just go directionlessly unknown you and me just like a couple waxwing birds i found something so divine it woke me up like the morning light left then right then left then back and forth in time
Track Name: Disarmer Was A Charmer
it’s the touch of a rush and the must of lust the broken down crutch knocks off the rust and i know i’ve been there it’s the lock of the eye the sin in the smile soon is the time like a lit high rise disarmer was a charmer and a kiss removes the armor but the more you’re in the corner the more you’re passed over i know i’ve been there a drink tipped over the lights they said go merging up the silver with the pink flesh tones i know it might make you sick some can’t talk and most they don’t know ringing up the rosie is the most they go you poor souls you can wish you can ditch you can motivate the switch but jumpin’ in the water is a son of a bitch and i know i’ve been there i said show your teeth you said no i said go bring’em on back here to me
Track Name: Mission: Use
i kissed a stranger in the morning sun i cut the danger with a loaded gun my heart is strong the beat is still it’s mostly life and mostly hell i’m a sin and a panic man i curse the star just as i curse the damned i’m all lit up mission:use save the date and clear the room and you don’t make me run that little beauty with the marble eyes she finds a use just as she eyes the prize i’ll slip right back to good old days there’s skin and bone but just skin today i squeeze that cactus cause there’s room to rub that misfit gypsy don’t like the glove i’m all lit up mission: use eleven past eleven and you’re gone too soon
Track Name: Heart On A Rope
i’m not saying you lied to me but all i know is what i see and i know you’ve been standing still and i’ve been going over it more overly exposed to it as you go wounded i will sit i guess i’m saying you lied to me and i cant let it go i stood within the tragedy my heart on a rope pulled up and down the road again through the raging salty spin the moment i came into it i knew i had to leave you alone so while you lack the clarity and bite the hand that sets you free i’ll go and you can go and hope you sever all you said to me while chasing the reality of hope go bathe in what you know through words and looks and selfish sin my weakness here is evident i’m going to ride the razor home while stinging with each passing grin and to my lofty wonderment i see now that your truth is thin
Track Name: Creatures Of The Rodeo
they took the ride alone they left without a home they’re gonna get me young and like a ringing bell with nothing left to tell i’m gonna save you i’m gonna save yourself and all i want with all my heart was right in front from the very start but boy you’re gonna like it rough they seemed to find a home tonight it sits in stone i’ll be your savior i’ll be the one who saves you i speak the language like the creatures of the rodeo i’m breaking all the walls i paved a path of falls and misdirection leads direction of the soul and imperfection in direction seemed to build the one you’re hearing now
Track Name: Deadly Love
hello my dear would you like to have breakfast pancakes or eggs coffee and juice you know if i was a hundred and you were my girl i’d die with a smile you’re the one in the world that i run to cause i can’t swim and you understand when you go to work you make a point to stop the car in the alley we say four good-byes and sign out our love be my wife life and partner take a moment think it over we got nothin’ but time and that sounds good when you’re away i try my best to stay busy but i think of things we’ll do when you’re home at times i get afraid if something absolutely terrible happens the thought makes me sick please come home i need you you’re everything i know i miss your eyeballs your heart and your soul your skin on my skin i’d tell you but you already know wherever you go it don’t matter i’m going we got the deadly love and damn it’s good hello again my love it’s good to see you would you like to have dinner i’m glad you like garlic i’m cookin’ for you
Track Name: Lovely
if you did what i said if you read the words i‘m spelling out for you would you follow through if you put your trust in me if you hang on everything i want you to you could say you knew too cause i know it all that’s right i know it all i know you want me to hear you out i can tell by the way you shout your prophecy from the balcony do you hear the words you say or do you play the part that you portray in agony or in irony cause i know it all too we can try to work the crowd but if we wanna stay here right now we better be lovely we know we are sudden lovely