Red Rose In A Yellow Army

by The Sudden Lovelys

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released February 18, 2011



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The Sudden Lovelys

The Sudden Lovelys, from Nordeast Minneapolis, describe their unique and earnest sound as "Aggressive Folk." Daniel writes and plays guitar, sings, and kicks a vintage red suitcase like a bass drum. Paige also sings, slaps a cymbal with a tambourine, and plays a slew of funky hand percussion. There is a humble passion and honesty in their live show that cannot be denied. ... more

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Track Name: Take It With You
can you feel the rush of love will you hold my hand when you look into my eyes do you understand take it with you take it wherever you go when you feel like you want to die and you feel all alone look around you it’s all you need let what’s simple give you hope breathe in breathe out with me now shut your eyes then wake with clarity we stray from love like an atom bomb with the slaughter promises but the love you think you know you want is as gentle as a lamb
Track Name: Battle Zone
you wake you’re born you scream and everybody swarms you sleep and you grow you walk and everybody knows you race just like a motor car and take a cookie from the jar you push a few buttons and you brave the dark then you break everybody’s heart i went through what you went through and i know you you’re taught a lot and most of which you just forgot you dance you kiss there ain’t nothing that you wanna miss you drive around that motor car and leave the rubber on the tar you break a few laws and you’re dangerous and then you break somebody’s heart you work and you learn and pretty soon your muscles hurt you spend and you owe and then you make a family of your own you ask yourself where time has gone and you wonder if you’ve done enough you take a certain pride in all you can but you remember back when you were young i don’t really even think i know you you wake you’re old and everything is moving slow you sleep but you know life is a battle zone you’re still here to talk about it i’d imagine luckier than most and every breath you breathe you cherish so breathe it out until you don’t
Track Name: What Is What You Taste
does it taste like poison can you put it in your mouth are those inside you boiling just dying to get out or has this misforsaken daughter cast another spell does it taste like water tasteless as the rain have you found another that met you halfway i found someone and wondered what you might say what is what you taste does it taste like wine cause what you taste is sold or prickly strangling vines of the memories old do you see the writing on the wall i’d like to think you’re happy i’d like to think you know i’d like to think you’re lonely and i’d like to think you’ll show yourself in time i hope that you’re just happy i found a piece of paper and i wrote it all down this mood is striking danger i suppose i could be wrong but if i call it like i see it i’ll see it like i’m used to
Track Name: Sweet Sweet Sunshine
so i got the news your leaving and frankly i’m upset god knows you’ve got your reasons i hope you know that i won’t forget i’m so sorry it’s been a struggle you deserve much more than that if you should get lost in that shuffle again call me up and i’ll make you laugh so fly on with your angel wings my heart aches but tomorrow will bring you sunshine see you and me we go way way back you touched me more than you’ll ever know you were the brace for my heart attack i only wish i coulda made you glow i hope you know that you’re quite amazing it rips me up to see you go cause you were there when i went crazy again so i’m here and you’re not alone so you be good in california i’ll be thinking about you i’ll be here in minnesota cold so if you ever come back through
Track Name: The Book You Wrote
a new home countin’ rabbits in the yard you felt the son
12am and youre trying to do dishes between the pains of what’s to come you were st. mary bound scared and countin’ down but dad he kept you cool the nurse was a real ratched but the doc was real fantastic and dad you too i read the book you wrote before the birth of who you know the aging pages poured a glimpse of you before i knew and it broke my heart, it broke it so good it broke it like i never knew it could the truth in ink forever understood you cried when you wheeled into the room and you both said i love you approximately 3:30 but more specifically 3:31 you felt happy big news its a boy it‘s a boy it’s a boy it’s a boy it’s a boy the next mornin’ you woke up to a dozen yellow roses and one red for me i’m older now and truthfully a lot’s gone down i wish you showed me sooner cause i’ve been really lonely a red rose in a yellow army but i’m a late bloomer you see i see through all the years and the bad times too so please let me write this song for you
Track Name: Alone In A Room
as the rain beats us like a drum i look back at what’s begun here i am alone in a room but not alone next to you alone in a room don’t forget just what you saw or every single word that you spoke see me now as you will again not alone next to you alone in a room don’t let me down let me down do you know me like i am or will you leave me standin’ in the sand i’m afraid of that blinding light left alone all alone alone in a room as the rain beats us like a drum i look back at what’s become and though i’m alone in a room please realize who i am alone in a room
Track Name: Numb And The Slumber
there’s amber on the evening and it’s leaving you alive
those little ghosts ain’t leaving till you reassign the mind those evil barkin’ demons peak from time to time pairin‘ up with seasons marchin’ down your spine the winter whip’s a-crackin’ blanketed in snow november just attacked it and it gave the wind a blow it‘s funny how there’s comfort from what i do not know my back my legs and my head hurt am i brave enough to go i’ll sit and out wait you like misfits in the mornin’ keepin‘ you inside frosty covered warnings like the scene of a crime and given what’s been given to me given it’s all right there must be something more relieving than copin’ with the bite though many times i’ve wondered can i undergo the chill the numb and the slumber that accompanies the cold one more ugly winter one more ugly low that old man’s ugly sister gets her kicks from closing roads
Track Name: Take Care Pt. 2
if you can find another that’ll watch you when you go
then by all means get goin’ don’t you let me slow you down and if they whip you up some dinner i know it won’t taste like mine and everything they don’t deliver is gonna make you realize what you lost i don’t ever want to see you go i don’t mind taking good care of you i’ll sit right beside you to the moon and back but i need you to take care of me too i need you to discover how much i think for you you’re more than over any other lover i’ve given myself into now everybody says don’t sleep angry but tonight i’ve got no choice the sum of the parts is devastating hearts and the proof is in the voice i know you make me coffee and you entertain my mind but lately i’ve been burnin’ just knowin’ why you smile and it’s me so before you point that finger take a look at what you got and if it still don’t make things better then you ain’t got all that much
Track Name: Through With Blue
i’ve had my share of hurt but it’s much worse to abide
and live so god damn trustless and in line with no real reason why i’m gonna change my tune but it’s changin’ on it’s own and i realize now more than ever before where my mystery mountaintop belongs i’m playin’ and i’ll say everything everyone wishes that they could say and i’m not wastin’ time or frustration on anything that’s usually in my way cause i’m through with blue there’s a woman i know and she’s part of my machine and it took awhile but i saw light and i believe this woman i adore she taught me how to dream cause if this whole thing don’t work out i know she’ll be right there standing next to me
Track Name: Disaster Of The Throne
my cloudy day is raining sun and i slept awake next to the one i love and given the sound of the giving sea my resolution should be close but seems unseen i’m being towed i’m being rolled i’m not ready for the big alone i’m gettin’ older i’m gettin’ stoned i’m caught up by the near disaster of the throne my certain calm my go to flight it hit me so hard it hit me twice and given the state of my now so quiet girl i ask a lot but could you carry me back home to whirled