Liquid Silver

by The Sudden Lovelys

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released August 26, 2011



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The Sudden Lovelys

The Sudden Lovelys, from Nordeast Minneapolis, describe their unique and earnest sound as "Aggressive Folk." Daniel writes and plays guitar, sings, and kicks a vintage red suitcase like a bass drum. Paige also sings, slaps a cymbal with a tambourine, and plays a slew of funky hand percussion. There is a humble passion and honesty in their live show that cannot be denied. ... more

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Track Name: The Beast Needs The Meat
the beast needs the meat the stone on the hill the raven in the rain still he stays still in the dark of the cave i’m not sure you know but if you knew what i know you’d lay low the scrape in the rock the fuel in the vein it seems to run hot when it’s under engaged you know it’s pumpin’ like a factory and all in due time you’ll know the calm of rage and the burst from the black the stains are on the fangs from prior attacks and if you find yourself a meal you just remember i told you so he craves as he dines then starves in a flash and all the times he tries he knows he’s never goin’ back you see the complication of this taste is that it’s on the tongue
Track Name: I See Red
i look ahead and i see red my poems alone they ain’t enough to save your head your guns are drawn on and on and the mirror sends the bullet home this pony’s been beaten just bloody yet still it asks for more and the truth of that misfit money you’ll never have an answer for and i’m thinking out loud again i know how what condition have you sent for what condition do you know insufficient motivation has got you strangled by the cord what’s done is done so take it as you will soldiers are sons i hope you like spilled milk cause they fall then you fall and we fall and redraw one death in the light comes easy so you bark like a carnival to the blind and the bold i pity when you ever gonna count the skulls i look ahead and i see red my poems alone can’t save your head
Track Name: Worlds
there’s a little baby on the way there’s a tiny heartbeat on the screen giving resolution finally they just found the world they hoped for a couple floors down they sit and wait waiting for the news they could not take soon enough they’ll cry around a grave they just felt their world come crashing while we all sit here free to speak throwing out the food we could not eat someone’s in shackles unjustly and someone’s whole world is hungry so we pray to no one or we pray to anyone while you kill for someone in another world it goes on someone’s enraged someone’s in love someone’s in tears cause someone just jumped someone’s the victim of someone else somebody cries cause they came home somebody’s youth and somebody’s wise somebody’s truth is somebody’s lie somebody’s brave and somebody tries somebody’s scared and somebody fights somebody bleeds and somebody cries somebody’s pain is somebody’s prize somebody’s born while somebody’s dies somebody’s yours and somebody’s mine so we pray to nothing at all or we pray to what we were told we’re the same in different roles all our worlds are untold but they’re our little worlds they’re their little worlds we’re all another world away
Track Name: My Soldier
work me up and call me over one step back is one step closer it's for now and not forever trust in me misguided brother my soldier’s hanging on my wall my soldier’s crying in the hall no matter what i see no matter what i read my soldier’s staying on my wall and you be good you be good and listen we know what’s good so listen you just shut up and listen oh sweety i don't wanna go i'll stay right here in love i want my baby to know my name chasing that shadow just ain't the same oh sweety i don't wanna go i'm scared that maybe i won’t come home am i strong will they smell my fear i'm far too deep and the car is here
Track Name: Dear Machine
in the morning you rise you find the track that you ride i guess you can’t call it rising if the robot’s alive and like the clockwork you try all the time those countless punching people seem a little weak giving into reasons speechless as they speak and then the 50 years of service breeds a 50 year antique rest easy dear machine cause there’s a hundred on your street and then the heavy man hand break you down break you down again as the night says hello you go escape from the cold but you shiver alone before you sleep in the mold then you close your eyes and you see clear cause the morning makes a promise it’ll be there but if you knew that promise was just written on your sleeve the rival deep inside ya might just kick ya in the teeth then when that glowing yellow starter offers beautiful release you’ll find that beating red muscle no longer disagrees and then the heavy man hand’s just a hand it’s just a hand man
Track Name: Interlude
there’s a man and a king and a girl and a queen in a world of make believe he sings she cries in a broken pile of lies where time stands still then speeds and the parts they play keep their minds in space when the wounds they know invade it’s the start of the end in the heart of a trend where the words are nothing but stains interlude this man holds a key and this girl the dream on a slide of gold and green he sits and she waits ready in their places as the truth hangs soft then screams it’s the sin and the sweet the ever turning leaf which glows yet holds disease
Track Name: Old Thin King
oh baby i’m an old thin king i’ve got my crown and everything when the castle walls are crumbling i’ll pick them pieces up and rearrange but the pieces won’t form a wall this damn destruction’s gone on too long the same devices built to protect seem to be the ones most neglected why do we run why don’t we crawl why do we fight in spite of it all why do we lie when the truth is unknown and the war goes on oh baby can you hear the screams a million miles away from safety they keep me up at night they’re following me you don’t know the things i see that’s the price you pay for high command it seems the throne is not fit for humans cause i remember the old backyard the peace the stars and plastic armor
Track Name: War With Nothing
you could kill me if you tried you could kill me if you wanted to you’ve got that mission in your eyes and all that’s missing is the follow through i’m waging war with nothing i’m waging war i’m waging war with something of this i’m sure and the water is so cold alone and i beg you don’t go i’m a puppet on a string and in your grinder i’m the meat the weight of promise that you bring could sink the sky into the sea
Track Name: The Real, The Unreal
it’s love and hate and unknown fate it’s talk of truth to those related are the numbers still in hordes are the sacred chambers saved only for lords the surface sound is one of gems the buried mask is there with them and now do you understand the plea or have you somewhere more diluted to be i am the real i am the unreal i am the pig i am the squeal liquid silver drips from lips snakes and soldiers reminisce was this made to reinforce or is this just the bleeding art and no more
Track Name: In The Tower
i’m gonna find you in the tower i know i’m gonna move you i’m gonna prove to you cause i’m hungry and i can see right through i’m in the tower i’ll go i’m twisting like a magic mystic mother only starving for a child and nothing other once she opens up the doorway to her mind and given what has taken nearly nothing but the mourning of the past has given beating to a heart that up till presently was blind
Track Name: The Overgrown Garden
the overgrown garden needs attention the overgrown garden’s got weeds the overgrown garden’s in detention like leaves on the trees an overgrown garden begs for reason a complex channel of relief the overgrown garden fears the season like leaves on the trees but if i was a garden and i just might be i’d hope for the water but know it don’t feed and the sting of the darkness like a night with the leaves the cool wind blows the moon light shows enough the overgrown garden’s gonna need your love the overgrown garden’s gonna please the overgrown garden’s gonna feed your health like leaves on the trees the overgrown garden’s gonna take you back give you what you thought you might need the overgrown garden’s gonna resent that like leaves on the trees the overgrown garden feels the cold comin’ on the overgrown garden’s getting weak the overgrown garden’s gonna go back home like leaves on the trees the overgrown garden gave you what it could a complex channel of relief the overgrown garden falls to the ground like leaves on the trees the overgrown garden’s gonna be back soon like leaves on the trees